General Biotics Equilibrium

Equilibrium restores the dietary microbes lost as a by-product of widespread food sterilization

This product is a direct offshoot of our research at the NIH’s Human Microbiome Project, a $115 million dollar census of humanity’s gut flora. The data tells a clear story: as a society our digestive flora is dying off, and this lack of diversity has causal links to western stomach issues.

Using our datasets, we identified the strain groups commonly missing from western microbiomes. We then worked backwards from this data to locate missing dietary microbes which provide the needed function.


GB’s founders are scientists. As academics, their research on microbial ecosystems was funded by the NIH and NSF, and has been published in some of the most prestigious journals on the planet including Nature, Science, and PlosOne.


  • probiotics (115 strains in their natural ratios, 1 billion CFUs)
  • prebiotic (ground organic flax seed)
  • delayed release capsules (plant derived hypromellose)

Hypromellose is an ingredient used in gluten free bread. It is well studied, inert / non-toxic, and in our opinion is the safest known solution for delayed release capsules.

Contains trace amounts of soy.

Contains no dairy, eggs, fish, shellfish, gelatin, nuts, wheat, gluten, casein, MSG, stearates (including magnesium stearate), GMO, artificial color or flavors.



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