Raintree Formulas Amazon C-F Cold and Flu 650 mg 120 Capsules


Cold and Flu capsules provide a symbiotic herbal blending formulated to be used first and foremost as an antimicrobial immunity booster for cold- and flu-causing microbes and infections. 10 potent herbs used by indigenous peoples over centuries to treat and abate illness are combined to deliver trusted support against cold and flu while building immunity and detoxifying.

A great deal of the body's immune system is reliant on bowel health, and this combination of herbs is intended to create a pro-bowel health supporting army; Mullaca, Picao Preto, and Simarouba all have antiviral, antibacterial, anti-amoeba, and phlegm reducing properties.

Clavillia, an antimicrobial herb (that also addresses a myriad of health concerns) works as an anti-inflammatory, pain reliever, and battles yeast/candida overgrowth, and is a bowel cleanser.Some ingredients in Raintree’e Amazon C-F also work as mild laxatives and bowel detoxifiers, encouraging movement and cleansing to in order to support the immune system.

Brazilian Pepper Tree Bark has been popular among Amazonian indigenous people for the use of drying secretions, and dealing with an over load of yeast in the body which weakens the body’s ability to keep up with the important function of microbe destruction, inflammation, and pain.

Bitter Melon is famed by indigenous people for its anti-viral effect on many types of infections like influenza, additionally this bark also fights bacterial infections from such microbes as staphylococcus, streptococcus, and salmonella.

Amor Seco has a muscle relaxation effect, an antihistamine, and bronchial dilation properties, which may help if you contract a cold and begin taking Amazon C-F Cold and Flu capsules. All capsules are loaded with 650 mg of 100% pure herbal content all of which work together to deliver a potent formula.

Traditional Use:

Indigenous people highly value the herbs contained in C-F Cold and Flu for their unique properties when used for bowel disorders, infections, parasites, tumor growth, pain and fever reduction as well as an antifungal. Some indigenous people believe some of the herbs to have a positive effect on depression, which may also help improve the immune system. Traditionally these herbal remedies are taken in a brewed tea from boiled herbs or powders from herbs. 

Suggested Use:

To build immunity, guard against infections, shorten the recovery time of a cold or flu contraction, and improve bowel health for overall immunity bolstering, this combination of herbs is formulated in capsules. Capsules concentrate the dose, thereby benefiting the body without the hassle of brewing or mixing the herbs in various forms for intake. 



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