The Nourish Balance Thrive podcast is designed to help you perform better. Christopher Kelly, your host, is co-founder of Nourish Balance Thrive, an online clinic using advanced biochemical testing to optimize performance in athletes. On the podcast, Chris interviews leading minds in medicine, nutrition and health, as well as world-class athletes and members of the NBT team, to give you up-to-date information on the lifestyle changes and personalized techniques being used to make people go faster – from weekend warriors to Olympians and world champions.

How to Reverse Insulin Resistant Type Two Diabetes in 100 Million People in Less Than 10 Years

For decades we’ve heard that diabetes prevention is simple—lose weight, eat less, and exercise more. But something is wrong with the conventional wisdom. Nearly 115 million people live with either diabetes or prediabetes in the United States, and that number is growing. It is time to reverse this ...

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National Cyclocross Champion Katie Compton on Ketosis and MTHFR

When a 13-time National Champion reaches out to say that she’s been enjoying your podcast, there’s only one thing you can do: invite her onto the show. I love to spend time talking to elite athletes to find out what makes them tick, and one trait I’ve ...

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The Most Reliable Way to Lose Weight with Dr Tommy Wood

Solving a problem requires understanding what caused it, and rarely is it good enough to move straight to remediation. The same applies to weight (fat) loss, and in this podcast, Dr Tommy Wood, MD, PhD and me discuss the underlying causes of over fatness and draw on three specific examples ...

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How to Avoid the Cognitive Middle Gear

James Hewitt is Head of Science & Innovation at Hintsa Performance. His work includes consulting with Formula 1 drivers and teams, work in elite sport and with global corporations, a wide-range of written articles, presentations, keynotes and workshops in Europe, the United States and Asia.

In this interview with Dr Tommy ...

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How to Move Well and Feel Good with Aaron Alexander

Aaron Alexander has been professionally working with clients of all ages seeking a variety of goals from pain relief to improved athletic performance for over 10 years. He is currently seeing clients at his office, Align Therapy, inside of Crossfit LA, Santa Monica. Aaron began the journey as a nationally ...

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Why Do and How to High Intensity Interval Training

Paul Laursen, PhD, is an adjunct professor, performance physiologist and coach. He has published over 100 peer-reviewed papers in exercise and sports science journals, and this work has been cited more than 3000 times.

Paul is coach and support to numerous elite and professional athletes across multiple endurance-based sports and ...

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Radical Candorâ„¢ with Dr Tommy Wood

Radical Candor™ is the ability to Challenge Directly and show you Care Personally at the same time. Radical Candor will help you and all the people you work with do the best work of your lives and build the best relationships of your career.

Two nearly universal experiences make Radical ...

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Mind Pump Simulcast

Last weekend Tommy flew from Seattle to San Jose to record with me in person for the Mind Pump podcast, and since it went so well, I thought I’d air the discussion on my show too. If you’re new to Mind Pump, I’d highly recommend you give ...

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How to Knock 3.5 Hours off Your IRONMAN Time

Kristian Manietta is a husband, dad, coach, coeliac, life athlete, entrepreneur and host of the Fat Black podcast. Over the past 11 years, Kristian has helped hundreds of triathletes achieve and even greatly surpass their goals using methods both traditional and unconventional… with the balance more skewed to unconventional.

I ...

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Off Road Triathlon World Champion Lesley Paterson on FMT and Solving Mental Conundrums

Three times XTERRA World Champion Lesley Paterson is the “little Scottish lassie who packs a mean punch.” In this interview, Lesley talks briefly about her early triathlon days and later success in the offroad world.

I wanted to get Lesley on for two reasons, first, because I knew she’d ...

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Abel James on the Use and Abuse of Marketing in Health and Fitness

After completing high school and college in just six years, Abel James graduated as a Senior Fellow with Honors at Dartmouth College with a concentration in Psychological and Brain Sciences.

Despite some early successes in his life, in his early 20’s, Abel James found himself facing failure. Financially stressed ...

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Creating Change in Public Health

Sam Feltham has been in the health and fitness industry for over a decade. He started out as a party coordinator at a sports centre and worked his way up to study at the European Institute of Fitness and qualified as a Master Personal Trainer. After 5 years of running ...

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